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Lip Augmentation or Lip Filler is a popular, safe and versatile treatment, and can be used in a range of quantities and viscosities for a variety of aesthetic outcomes. Learn more about the different kinds of Lip Fillers and Lip Augmentation offered at Private Harley Street Clinic in Marylebone, London, in this blog from our experts.

What Can Lip Filler Be Used For?

Dermal filler, (injectable hyaluronic acid treatments) can be used for a range of different aesthetic outcomes in the lips. Whether you're looking to subtly enhance your natural lip shape, replace volume lost to the natural aging process or to simply smooth our creasing on the lips with deep hydration, our expert practitioners will be able to advise which treatments will best suit your goals and your individual look. 

Lip Filler Injections in Marylebone, Private Harley Street Clinic, London
Can Lip Fillers Ever Look Natural?

It's a popular misconception that any lip filler treatment results in noticeably enhanced lips, where lips are filled to a dramatically different level to their natural volume and shape. Here at Private Harley Street Clinic in London, our elite injectors are experts at creating meaningful yet incredible natural-looking results. Where lips are concerned, less is more!

Can I Have Only One Lip Treated With Lip Filler?

We never recommend having only one lip treated, even if you feel your lips are naturally not ideally balanced, as having only one lip treated can result in noticeable differences in texture and appearance.

Lip Filler Treatment in London at Private Harley Street Clinic Marylebone
What's the Least Noticeable Treatment You Offer?

If you're just looking to smooth and refresh the skin on your natural lips, speak to our practitioners about a deep hydration treatment. Less viscous hyaluronic acid injections are a fantastic option for delivering deep hydration to dry/wrinkled looking lip skin without adding noticeable volume or changing the overall shape of the lip.

Do You Offer Lip Filler Dissolving at Private Harley Street Clinic?

Our expert practitioners are trained in dissolving fillers however the process is extremely specialised and will be treated on a case by case basis. We always encourage you to speak to the practitioner who delivered your original treatment as a first port of call. 


Private Harley Street Clinic is a leading non-surgical aesthetics clinic in Marylebone, Central London offering lip filler consultations. Book a Lip Augmentation in Marylebone, London today, or contact our helpful staff if you have any questions for us. Our team are specialists in Lip Hydration Injections - so if you're looking for 'Lip Filler Near Me' contact Private Harley Street Clinic. Our central London Clinic is 5 minutes walk from Edgeware Road and Marylebone Tube Stations. Lip Augmentation walk in appointments in London may also be available.