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Studies have suggested that early 40s is the age at which women are most likely to report feeling 'comfortable in their own skin'. In their 40s, women in the UK are likely to be in charge of the purchasing decisions for their household, have some kind of caring responsibility and be at the peak at their earnings. It's a busy decade that demands prioritising and remembering to make time for yourself.

Beauty treatments for women in their 40s in the UK have also been affected by the Covid-19 rise in people managing many of their cosmetic needs at home - with carefully researched online ordering taking prominence for topical skincare solutions. In our experience, 40s is also the decade that it's most common for men and women to be having aesthetics procedures regularly.

You 40s are a great time to embark on a treatment plan with an experienced practitioners. After an in-depth consultation, they'll be able to recommend exactly the right level of treatment for your skin's individual stage of maturity, whether than be a tweak and a cosmeceutical, or a fuller treatment plan.



From the Experts...

Here's what our expert Advanced Nurse Practitioner Helen Chapman had to say:

"Your 40s is when you'll be able to see clearer sign of your natural collagen production having declined, as well as the beginnings of the fat, muscles, bone and skin in your face gradually losing some natural volume. While this is an entirely natural and normal part of your skin maturing, some people find these visual signs of getting older a bit worrying or upsetting - when they still feel so young and active. It's around this time that many people attend consultations for wrinkle relaxing injections, which are used to treat forehead lines and "11" lines between the brows. You might also start to notice some sagging and heaviness in the lower face as your skin losses some of its natural firmness - and this can be treated with a wide range of solutions tailored for your individual needs. If you're seeking out treatment for the first time in your 40s, we'll work with you to produce an all round skin-care plan, incorporating technology treatments, injectables and topical skincare to use at home - to give you the maximum all around effects with a totally natural and fresh look."

3 Aesthetics Treatments For Your 40s

Profhilo - Ready, Steady, Glow! Profhilo is a great treatment for patients in their 40s, and currently one of the most popular skin-refreshing injectable treatments on the market. It targets all signs of aging and treats the full face at once. It's not a filler - it's a unique hyaluronic acid injectable gel which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to counteract skin laxity and deliver a deep hydrating effect from under the skin.

Ultherapy - Ideal for patients in their 40s experiencing mild to moderate skin laxity, Ultherapy is The Gold Standard in skin tightening technology. It's the latest innovation in non-surgical aesthetics; a new, clinically-backed ultrasound treatment that boosts your body's natural elastin and collagen. Results are visible immediately, after one treatment, and continue to develop in the months after your appointment.

Fillers for Volume Loss - put back a little lost structure with Dermal Fillers. Using fillers for volume loss doesn't aim to reshape or augment your natural face - rather we're looking to subtly restore the structure that was there to begin with, meaning you still look like yourself, but with the clock dialled back a few years!

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