Treatments in your 30s

Investing in your Skin

In your 30s, your skin might be the very last thing on your mind! You might be too busy thinking about travelling the world, trying to buy a home, raising a family and making it in your career, all while juggling financial responsibilities. Beauty treatments to you might be less about anti-aging and more about styling, make-up, hydration and good hygiene products, such as dental care.

Beauty treatments for women in their 30s in the UK might not even involve visiting a salon. Some researchers note that Covid-19 spurred a rise in people embracing their natural look, and managing their cosmetic needs at home - with a boom in online ordering and subscription based beauty solutions. Why spend £100s on one in-salon appointment when you can order a huge range of skincare tools and treatments from the comfort of your own home, right?

There are, however, certain effects that you won't be able to replicate at home, becasue they require specified medical training to administer. If you're curious about which non-surgical aesthetics treatments work well for people in their 30s, read on!


From the Experts...

Here's what our expert Advanced Nurse Practitioner Helen Chapman had to say:

"Your 30s is when your natural collagen production starts to decline, and while this happens at different rates in individuals - unfortunately it does happen to everyone! Collagen is one of the key proteins found throughout your body, and, in the skin, collagen is responsible for keeping skin firm, supple and smooth. Chances are, at the start of your 30s you won't even notice this change but after age 35 you might start noticing some signs of what's to come, such as some laugher lines around the eyes, the start of fine line on the forehead and between the brows, and perhaps some more heaviness in the nasolabial area (sometime called 'smile lines'). These lines are natural, normal and they give your face its character but if you feel you want to get a head start on managing these first signs of skin aging, or if there's an area of your natural look that has always caused you concern, there are a wide range of subtle, low dose treatments that might be right for you".

3 Aesthetics Treatments For Your 30s

Dermal Filler - as well as being a good option for subtly enhancing or sculpting areas of your natural face that you might have always wanted to tweak - such as the lips, jawline or nose - small doses of dermal fillers are great for people in their 30s who want to achieve a subtle skin lifting and tautening effect, such as in the cheeks, or rehydrating the lips.

Skin Brightening Peels - Superficial and Medium Depth Chemical Peels are ideal for not only brightening and refreshing tired skin, they are also useful for tackling acne scarring that might be left over from teenage years. 

Tixel® Treatment - if you're not ready for injectables, Tixel®, our most versatile, mild and painless resurfacing technology can be adapted to ten different levels of intensity and can be used right up to the eyeline to tackle the beginnings of wrinkles and fine lines.

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