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Our aesthetics treatments are by no means limited to our female patients. Anti aging and enhancement treatments for men have boomed in popularity in recent years with profile, jawline and skin boosters being particular favourites.

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Investing in Your Look

It's official, skincare is no longer just for women, with some research indicating that demand for male injectable treatments have risen by a staggering 99% in the last two decades.

It goes without saying that all of our treatments are suitable for all genders, but we especially notice we're welcoming male patients who are looking for tauter, healthy looking skin, more defined looking jawlines and profiles, wrinkle treatments and deeply hydrated skin for a natural, fit and healthy look.

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Men's Jawline Fillers

Chin and Jawline Sculpting

One of the most popular options for men is the subtle revolumisation and definition of chin and jawline for a firmer and stronger looking jawline. 

Men's Profhilo Treatment London


No time for a lengthy skin-care routine every day? Invest in your skin with a deep hydration Profhilo treatment for a smoother, deeply hydrated and more youthful look.

Men's Skin Anti Aging Tixel


Tixel® is a hugely versatile treatment which is fully customisable for a variety of aesthetic outcomes. Acne scarring and sun damage are two popular reason patients seek out Tixel® treatments.

Men's Face Lift


Ultherapy® is a revolutionary and powerful treatment for the full face and neck, and is a particularly popular option for men seeking a firmer and tighter looking jawline, for a stronger profile and reducing the appearance of double chin or 'tech neck'. 

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