Treatments in your 60s

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Treatments in your 60s


Although 60s is traditionally the decade we associate with retirement, it's been reported that more women aged 60-64 are in work than not, for first time in UK. For those who have retired, or semi-retired, you might be joining the post-pandemic stampede of travellers in their 50s and 60s heading abroad for longed after adventures. Or, if you have children, it's the decade you're most likely to become a grandparent, according to the ONS - so whether you're still working, pursuing your interests, or caring for family, we hope you making time for yourself!

Trail blazing female celebrities in their 60s like Oprah Winfrey and Kim Cattrall are setting the standard for working personal style in your 60s, looking mature but fresh and natural without obvious cosmetic intervention. And, in spite of social media traditionally being thought of as a slightly younger person's game, we're seeing online trends for embracing and celebrating natural aging, such as #ditchthedye, and leading health and beauty influencers in the 60+ age group, such as fitness influencer Joan McDonald (@trainwithjoan) and model Roxanne Gould (@roxmod).

Postmenopausal women will notice that their skin looks and feels different after going through hormonal changes (you can read more about this in our blog: Your Skin and Menopause). If you'd like to learn more about aesthetics treatments in your 60s, read on....

From the Experts...

Here's what our expert Advanced Nurse Practitioner Helen Chapman had to say:

"In your 50s and 60s, the key is to treat your skin kindly, as it will be thinner and heal less quickly. If you're looking for smoother, more even skin, Tixel®, for example, is an advanced yet gentle technology treatment which can simultaneously tighten skin, boost collagen, minimize scarring and sun damage, and Profhilo is the perfect option to completement anti-aging technology treatments for 60+ patients - delivering a deep hydrating effect from under the skin. This is important in the 60s, as one of the most common concerns patients report is increased dryness - which can appear dull or crepey, and is easily irritated. In addition to clinical treatments, there is plenty of advice your practitioner can give you to maximise your treatment results at home - such as using gentle cleansers and light moisturisers with SPF. The best way to manage the range of skin changes you can expect to experience is to book a skin care consultation, and let us help you to help you to maintain and enjoy your natural look for longer."

3 Aesthetics Treatments For Your 60s

Ultherapy and Dermal Fillers - Skin tightening treatment for patients in their 60s is a great option to completement Dermal Fillers. Deeper Dermal Fillers and Ultherapy work together; simultaneously giving the face back its structure and tautening the skin on top.

Profhilo - Hydration, hydration, hydration! Profhilo is a great treatment for patients experiencing dry and crepey skin, and currently one of the most popular skin-refreshing injectable treatments on the market. It targets all signs of aging and treats the full face at once. It's not a filler - so it won't deliver drastic lifting or structural changes but it's the perfect complementary treatment for 60+ patients having other treatments - delivering a deep hydrating effect from under the skin and restoring plumpness and radiance.

Tixel® - Tixel® is an advanced yet gentle technology treatment which uses a unique combination of heat and motion, delivering superior resurfacing results with less discomfort and downtime than other treatments, such as laser. The process can simultaneously tighten skin, boost collagen, minimize scarring and sun damage, and deliver deep topical product penetration. With 10 intensity settings, it's customisable to each patient's individual skin maturity.


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