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Did you know one of the first areas that show signs of aging is the neck - specifically because of skin laxity and lines? There are now a wide range of highly effective non-surgical treatments available to lift, lighten and smooth neck skin for a youthful and sculpted appearance.

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What causes neck sagging and lines?

Ultraviolet radiation, which speeds the natural aging process, is the primary cause of wrinkling, however the neck is particularly vulnerable to signs of premature aging for a number of reasons.

As we age, all of our skin loses some of its firmness, however the skin on our necks is naturally already thinner and more flexible, and contains less collagen than the skin on our faces. Our modern tendency to look down at our devices multiple day has also contributed to the issues causing the so called 'tech neck' phenomenon. 

Expert Insight:

"No matter how youthful your face is, your neck can sometimes tell a different story. Often one of the first noticeable signs of aging, people can feel very self-conscious about sagging skin and wrinkles in the neck area. Fortunately, modern technology solutions, especially when used in combination with other non-surgical treatments, are now highly effective in reversing those signs of aging by tightening and firming neck skin, and smoothing lines and folds."

Private Harley Street Clinic Neck Issues  Expert

Dr Vian Ansari, Medical Aesthetic Practitioner


Ultherapy Treatment Works Tightening Neck Skin


Featured in Vogue, Grazia and Harpers Bazaar, Ultherapy is the only revolutionary ultrasound therapy FDA approved for tightening and lifting skin on the neck - with effects lasting 12 months.

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Anti-aging injection work on neck lines and tech neck

Anti-Aging Injectables

At an anti-wrinkle consultation at Private Harley Street Clinic, our Medical Practitioners will assess which injectable treatment you may be suitable for when targeting wrinkles and relaxing neck muscles folds.

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Tixel Neck Wrinkles and Sagging Treatment Before and After

Tixel Treatment

Tixel Treatment is effective on the neck area; crepey skin on the neck is treated during Tixel treatment by improving lines, wrinkles and dilated pores - as well as improving uneven texture and scarring.

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