We offer the most comprehensive Life Risk Assessment available anywhere in the world, utilising the latest advances in DNA analysis and medical imaging. This enables us to predict and pre-empt the onset of all major diseases including cancer, strokes and heart disease.

Our Clinic creates bespoke programs which are specifically aimed at private individuals and corporate executive teams.

Our Life Risk Assessment is extremely efficient and takes just 4 hours... can you afford not to do it?

Who We Are

The remit of the Private Harley Street Clinic is to help you reach your ultimate health potential. Our pioneering Life Risk Assessment provides our clients with the most advanced roadmap of the possible threats to their future health by using comprehensive DNA analysis and state of the art medical imaging technology. Armed with this hitherto unavailable information of clinical threats and obstacles, we then work with the patients to prevent potential disease by blending medicine with our innovative clinical approach to help reshape your future.

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