3 Reasons we Love Temple Fillers

As we've touched upon in our previous blogs, the fat, muscles, bone and skin in our faces gradually loses some natural volume as we get older, which can result in our faces loosing some of their plump youthfulness and volume. 

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One place that people notice such a loss of volume is in their temples - where the skin can appear slightly sunken or hollowed, making the face look thinner. 

Though this is an entirely natural part of aging, some people feel that hollow temples make them look older than their years, and therefore seek out treatments for hollow temples. 

Read on for three reasons our patients love temples fillers and how they make them look and feel.

1) An often overlooked piece of the jigsaw - you might not have thought that much about you temples, in fact, you might not be totally sure where they are! If you run a finger along your cheekbone, almost as far as your hairline, then move it straight upwards about an inch, that's where you temples are. In younger people, there may be no noticeable dip or groove in this area, in fact, some people even add shading to this area when contouring to make their face appear slimmer. As we get older, however, we might find that our temples begin to lose volume or hollow, and some people dislike this effect, saying that they think it makes them look drawn or gaunt. Treating sunken temples with dermal fillers is a great addition to a wider facial filler treatment, subtly reshaping and smoothing the outline of the face

2) A subtle enhancement with big impact - as the temples are located on the sides of the face, rather than the front like your lips or nose, it's extremely unlikely anyone will notice you've had a filler treatment in this area. That doesn't mean, however, that there won't be an effect. As this treatment replaces naturally lost volume, it aims to restore the patient's formal facial structure to where it was before, and therefore gives a more youthful appearance without drawing any attention to the area.

3) A great companion treatment - your practitioner may recommend temple fillers as part of a wider facial filler treatment or in addition to other lifting and smoothing treatments, such as anti-wrinkle treatments or skin tightening technology, such as Tixel and Ultherapy. By addressing structure, texture and tautness in one treatment plan, our advanced nurse practitioners will help you to achieve natural looking but meaningful anti-aging results.

Are Temple Fillers Painful?

Any injection can hurt but the needles used for filler injections are small, so pain is usually very slight. Occasionally, there may be some degree of discomfort whilst the filler is being injected but this can be minimised by applying a topical anaesthetic cream 20-30 minutes prior to the treatment. Most of our fillers contain a small amount of local anaesthetic to alleviate any further discomfort. 

Are Temple Fillers Safe?

Temple fillers are very safe when administered by an appropriately trained medical practitioner. As the area contains a number of blood vessels, it's essential that this work is only carried out by practitioners with the appropriate medical training, such as at Private Harley Street Clinic in Marylebone. Our practitioners our highly trained medical specialist and use blunt ended cannulas to ensure minimum risk and discomfort.


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