Treatments in your 50s

Investing in your Skin

Aesthetics Treatments for Women Over 50

Last year, Oprah's website called the over 50s "...the healthiest, wealthiest, and most engaged generation in history". With high-end cosmetics brands championing the images and cosmetic needs of women in their 50s, and the rise of fashion, lifestyle and beautiful influencers of all ages, this age-group is now highly engaged in beauty trends and very open to new products and treatments. 

This is the decade when, hopefully, some of the more pressing caring and financial pressures of previous years take up a bit less time, and you might find you have a bit more time and income to spend on yourself. If you're a bit more time flexible than you once were, you might prefer to take a few hours to visit a salon or clinic, talking to a real person rather than a Chatbot. In addition, more advanced anti-aging treatments, such as skin tightening and resurfacing technologies, require specialist equipment and trained medical staff to operate - another reason having in-person treatments might work better for you. 

By the time you turn 50, you might have already have tried a number of aesthetics treatments - or perhaps you've already got into an on-going treatment plan. If you're curious about changing or adding to your existing treatment plan, or you'd like to find out what treatments might be good to try for the first time in your 50s, keep reading!


From the Experts...

Here's what our expert Advanced Nurse Practitioner Helen Chapman had to say:

"There are a few skin concerns that may become more noticeable in your 50s. The changes that we start to notice in our 30s and 40s become more pronounced in our 50s, meaning skin appears less taut, thinner and dryer, with more noticeable lines and wrinkles. If you experience menopause, this exacerbates these symptoms - with decreasing oestrogen levels inhibiting our ability to build collagen and retain moisture. Older skin is also more easily damaged and takes longer to heal, meaning it's extra important to take special care with sun damage and abrasive treatments. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on any unusual pigmentation or moles, as risk of melanoma increases as we get older."

3 Aesthetics Treatments For Your 50s

Profhilo - Hydration, hydration, hydration! Profhilo is a great treatment for patients in their 50s, and currently one of the most popular skin-refreshing injectable treatments on the market. It targets all signs of aging and treats the full face at once. It's not a filler - so it won't deliver drastic lifting or structural changes but it's the perfect complementary treatment for 50+ patients having other treatments - delivering a deep hydrating effect from under the skin and restoring plumpness and radiance.

Tixel® - Tixel® is an advanced yet gentle technology treatment which uses a unique combination of heat and motion, delivering superior resurfacing results with less discomfort and downtime than other treatments, such as laser. The process can simultaneously tighten skin, boost collagen, minimize scarring and sun damage, and deliver deep topical product penetration. With 10 intensity settings, it's customisable to each patient's individual skin maturity.

Ultherapy - Patients ages 50+ can be excellent candidates for Ultherapy, with a view to managing skin laxity on the face, neck and décolletage. Heaviness in the lower face and jowls can benefit from treatment with advanced skin tightening technology Ultherapy.

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