What is a Lip Quench? | Deep Lip Hydration Treatment at Private Harley Street Clinic

Here at Private Harley Street Clinic, we want our patients to be as well informed about their choices and options as possible, to make sure they make the right choice for them. That's why we're here to tell you that Lip Augmentation is NOT the only options to make the most of your natural lip shape. This week we're shining a light on our most popular lip treatments that isn't lip augmentation.

Lip Quench Deep Hydration Treatment for Lips


Lip Quench: We know filler dissolving treatments are on the rise, as some people want to dial back a little on the volume and embrace more of a natural size and shape. This doesn't mean, however, that we can't help with smoothness, plumpness and texture.

You can kiss lip lines goodbye with a Lip Quench treatment, a low viscosity hyaluronic acid injectable designed to deliver deep hydration from the inside out.

This thin and slippery, naturally occurring liquid is injected in tiny quantities under the skin on the lips, smoothing out creases, treating dryness and chapping, and plumping and firming without changing the natural shape of your own lips.

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Private Harley Street Clinic is a doctor-led non-surgical aesthetics clinic based in Marylebone, London, offering Deep Hydration Injectables for Lips. Book a Lip Quench consultation appointment in Marylebone, London today, or contact our helpful staff if you have any questions for us. Our team are specialists in under lip fillers and lip hydration treatments - so if you're looking for 'Lip Hydration Treatment Near Me' contact Private Harley Street Clinic. Our central London Clinic is 5 minutes walk from Edgeware Road and Marylebone Tube Stations. Lip Quench Rehydration walk in appointments in London may also be available.