Under Eye Anti-Aging Treatments

Learn about the key anti-aging concerns in the under eye area in this blog from the skincare experts at Private Harley Street Clinic in Marylebone, London.

Under Eye Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Everyone gets dark circles under their eyes from time to time - and it's usually associated with needing a bit more sleep. What we perceive to be darker skin under our eyes is often, in fact, shadowing caused by mild swelling/puffiness in this area, which can be caused by anything from lack of sleep to allergies.

Tired, dull and dehydrated skin can also appear thinner, meaning blood vessels under the skin are more visible, contributing to a darker appearance. 

Like other areas of delicate skin, under eye skin is also vulnerable to pigmentation from the sun, and genetics and certain medical conditions can also play a part.

What Treatments Work for Dark Circles?

Dark circles under the eyes can be difficult to treat. Generally speaking, a good skincare routine, plenty of sleep and adequate hydration goes a long way to help with dark circles.  If you dark circles are triggered by an allergy, such as a hay fever, it's worth speaking to your GP. Tear Trough Fillers can be very useful for filling areas of lost volume which contribute to under eye shadows.

Under Eye Wrinkles

Under Eye Wrinkles

Under eye wrinkles are a normal and harmless part of the aging process but some people feel that they make them look older and more tired as they age. 

Exposure to UV light breaks down your skin's connective tissue — collagen and elastin fibres, which lie in the deeper layer of skin, and collagen and elastin production naturally drops off as we get older.

Delicate, thinner skin, such as under the eyes, can be one of the first areas to show evidence of crêpeing or wrinkles.

What Treatments Work for Under Eye Wrinkles?

As with treating dark circles, a good skincare routine and well hydrated skin is always a great first step towards smoother under-eyes. Your practitioner will be able to recommend both over the counter recommendations you can use at home as part of your daily routine, and prescribe cosmeceuticals for your individual skin type.

A series of Tixel® Treatments for under eye wrinkles can be highly effective when combined with good skincare. Tixel® uses a unique combination of heat and motion, delivering superior anti-aging results with less discomfort than other treatments, such as laser. It can simultaneously tighten skin, boost collagen, minimize scarring and sun damage, and deliver deep topical product penetration. What sets Tixel® apart is that the smaller handset is designed specially for eyes, so it can treat the under-eye and eyelid areas right up to the lash line.

Under Eye Bags Treatments

Under Eye Bags

Under eye bags, the common name for the small bulge that appears under the eye area as we get older, is a another natural occurrence that some people prefer to have treated.

As we age, increased skin laxity and weakening tissues around the eye can cause fat in the area under the skin to bulge, creating 'bags'.

What Treatments Work for Under Eye Bags?

There are a number of options here at Private Harley Street Clinic for treatment of Eye Bags. Skin Tightening and Boosting treatments such as Ultherapy and Profhilo offer tightening, hydration and smoothing across the whole face and offer some improvement to the under eye area too. These procedures can be used in combination with a resurfacing treatment such as Tixel®, which can also boost your body's natural collagen in this area, which increases skin firmness. 

 To learn more about your options for under-eye anti-aging treatments, get in touch with the skincare experts at Private Harley Street Clinic and book a skincare consultation today.

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