What Tests Do I Need to Travel to the USA After November 8th?

The USA is finally opening up to travellers form the UK once again, just in time for friends and family to re-united for the holiday season. Read this blog to find out more about the testing requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers from November 8th.

Travellers hoping to enter the USA from November 8th need to carefully check the US government requirements before booking their travel and tests. There are different rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated arrivals, special guidance for people travelling with children and information about which vaccines are and are not considered acceptable and when they should have been administered. Please follow this link and thoroughly read all the relevant guidelines to ensure you are definitely eligible to enter, before you book any tests.

Can I use a Self-Test to Travel to the USA?

Yes, self tests are permitted under certain circumstances. You can use an a Home-Testing Kit with Live Video Verification, provided you meet all the other criteria listed on the US Government website regarding eligibility to travel.

Can I Take a Lateral Flow Test to Travel to the USA?

Yes, you can take either an in-clinic Rapid Antigen Test (£35) or order a Home-Testing Kit with Live Video Verification (£35 + p&p), provided you meet all the other criteria listed on the US Government website regarding eligibility to travel. If you are ordering a home testing kit, please ensure you leave ample time for the kit to arrive.

How does the At-Home Video Verification Work?

Simply book a time-slot on our website, leaving at least 2 working days for your kit to arrive, and attend your Zoom meeting at the appointed time. Your clinician will verify your identity and then supervise you through the testing process. The test takes 15 minutes to develop. If your result is negative, our results team will email you a certificate which you can show at the airport to allow you to board your flight to the US.

How Much Does a USA Fit to Fly Lateral Flow Test Cost?

Our in-clinic Rapid Antigen Test costs £35, including your certificate. Our Home-Testing Kit with Live Video Verification is £35 + p&p.