COVID-19 Jargon Buster: 'Fit to Fly'

With the UK gearing up to re-open international travel in the coming months, the first instalment of our new Jargon Buster series deals with the term "Fit to Fly". Currently, travelling from the UK to visit family or going on holiday is not allowed. If you need to travel for work, or if you’ve secured an exemption to travel, you may have come across the term “Fit to Fly Certificate”.

What is a Fit to Fly Certificate?

A Fit to Fly Certificate is a document, either a piece of paper or an electronic document, confirming that you have taken a Covid-19 test and had a negative result, and are therefore safe to travel to your destination. The purpose of a Fit to Fly Certificate is to prove to your chosen airline (or other carrier) that you are not currently infected with Covid-19. The document will typically carry your personal details and evidence of your negative test results, signed off by a qualified medical practitioner.

What Kind of Test Do I Need to Obtain a Fit to Fly Certificate?

In order to be confirmed as being Fit to Fly, it’s important that you get the most accurate test available, which at this time is the PCR Test. This test is typically performed in a clinic by a nurse or doctor, but you can self-administer the test at home. It involves taking a swab from the nose and throat which is then processed by a laboratory.

How Soon Before Travelling Do I Need to Get Tested?

While most airlines require a negative test result 72 (or fewer) hours before flying, please carefully check with your airline and on the Travel Advice website to find out what the requirements are for your chosen destination, as the rules for travel can change quickly.

I Have to Travel Suddenly; How Fast Can I Obtain a Fit to Fly Certificate?

Here at Private Harley Street Clinic, we have the latest technology enabling us to turn around PCR tests extremely quickly. All our morning tests give results the same day and an Express 90 minute option is available on request.

How Much Does a Fit to Fly Certificate Cost?

At Private Harley Street Clinic, a Fit to Fly Certificate is supplied free of charge with every negative PCR Test result.

What if I Have More Questions?

Please get in touch with our helpful team at Private Harley Street Clinic to discuss what kind of test is right for you.