"Prevention is better than cure" says the old adage but the message has never been more meaningful.

Most of the annual medical assessments routinely offered to partners and senior executives continue to rely on imprecise and outdated assessments which may be useful in the diagnosis of existing medical conditions but have a low predictive value about future risks to a patient's health.

At the Private Harley Street Clinic (PHSC), we believe that a comprehensive medical evaluation should assess the current and future health of our patients and to identify any risks of heart attacks and indicators of major diseases, such as cancer, before symptoms appear and before they present a threat.

We have harnessed the most recent advances in medical imaging technology to enable us to identify such risks and as part of our comprehensive LifeRisk Assessment, we deploy non-invasive CT coronary angiography to create a 3D image of a patient's coronary vessels. This enables us to identify issues and to preempt potentially fatal heart attacks even in patients who exhibit no symptoms and are unaware that they have a problem.

The same principle applies for cancer. As we are now aware, early diagnosis is hugely important to the outcome of any treatment. By the time symptoms arise, the disease has often spread and may be beyond the point at which it can be cured. Our state of the art CT and MRI imaging can

identify pre-cancerous conditions before the disease develops and at a time when it can be treated efficiently and eradicated.

In addition to the state of the art imaging technology, we also offer whole genome DNA sequencing, which can identify a genetic predisposition to certain diseases and help patients understand their unique health roadmap, and can use these results to provide bespoke advice on pharmacogenetics (the way your genes determine your response to specific drugs), nutrition and fitness.

Modern technology now offers us the opportunity to be proactive about our health and the potential to re-shape our future. Prevention is always better than cure.

The Private Harley Street Clinic comprehensive LifeRisk Assessment need only be done once every three to five years and all results are evaluated by our panel of consultants who are specialists in the relevant field.

The linked LifeRisk Assessment comparison chart, identifies the differences between the Private Harley Street Clinic's LifeRisk Assessment and the assessments offered by other major providers, including BUPA, HCA, Nuffield and Preventicum. All components within our comprehensive LifeRisk Assessment are available as individual tests.

For further information, please email us at info@privateharleystreetclinic.com or call us on 0207 467 8393.