Travelling to China? Save 10%

Travel from the UK to China is currently limited to Visa holders and strict testing and eligibility criteria apply.

Travellers who have been granted visas to enter China need to, at time of writing (22.06.22) "provide evidence of two PCR tests for COVID-19, taken 48 hours before you travel. At least one of the tests must be taken within 12 hours of your departure"

China Travel PCR Test Package

Booking your tests to travel to china

1) Working back from your date of departure, determine which days your PCR tests must fall on (we are open for testing 7 days a week)

2) Select and book your first PCR test on the website: this can be a 'Same Day' or 'Next Day' test, and add it to your basket

3) Select and book your second PCR test on the website: this should be 'Same Day Results (12 hour)' or 'Express (90 minute)' test to ensure your results arrive within the 12 hour window and add it to your basket.

4) Use code CHINAPACK at checkout for your 10% discount

The UK Government Website contains useful information to determine if you meet the requirements for entry. Check the UK Gov Website to find out more.