The Treatment Calendar: Which Treatments Should I Avoid in Summer?

Hot Topic (pun intended!). With a July Heatwave in the UK in full swing, we're expanding on our summer skincare blog to give our patients the information to safely plan their treatments for the year and share some insight on which treatments should be avoided at certain times of the year.

As we know, premature skin aging, pigmentation and even some skin cancers can be caused by UV rays, which is why we're urging patients to cover up with SPF50+ during the summer months, whether the sun is shining or not.

Can I Have a Chemical Peel in the Summer?

Anything deeper than a very superficial chemical peel should be avoided during the summer months, and even the lightest peels should be followed with use of brimmed hats, sunglasses and rigorous SPF application when going outdoors, avoiding high UV days. Chemical peels strip away cells from the epidermis and dermis, meaning a lot of your skin's natural protection from UV rays will be diminished. Chemical peeling and sun exposure can result in severe sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Can I Have a Tixel® Treatment in the Summer?

It depends! If you're interested in having a Tixel® Treatment, you can book a Tixel Consultation Appointment at our Marylebone Clinic and your medical practitioner will be able to advise on the best time for you to have your treatments. Your skin's natural defence from UV rays is diminished by any resurfacing treatment, however, as Tixel® is customisable, a light, non-ablative treatment on the face and eye area may be possible with careful sun protection afterwards, whereas deeper treatments should be left until the less sunny months.

Can I Have a Microneedling Treatment in the Summer?

Maybe! It's normally advisable to wait until the Autumn in the UK for Microneedling treatments. If you're interested in having a Microneedling Treatment, book a consultation appointment with Private Harley Street Clinic and your medical practitioner will discuss the goals of your treatment with you to determine whether you're a good candidate, and when the treatment can be given. If a light depth treatment is appropriate for you, it may be possible to do during the summer with the proper aftercare.

Can I Use Retinol in the Summer?

Retinol products are a great way of naturally giving your skin a boost at home, but extra care should be taken in the summer months. Retinol makes your skin more sensitive to sun damage, so if you're using an at-home treatment, it's even more important that you practice a good summer skincare routine. It is essential to wear SPF50 and above if using retinol over the summer months to prevent any hyper pigmentation or darkening of brown sun spots, and we recommend to lower the usage of your usual retinol product. Vitamin C serum is a good option for combatting any photo damage which may occur over the summer months and for boosting collagen, which can be destroyed by too much sun exposure.

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