All About...Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel Appointment in Marylebone

Curious about getting a chemical peel but have some questions? Read this blog to find out what the process of getting a peel is like and you'll learn what to expect when you get a chemical peel at Private Harley Street Clinic.

Where can you use a chemical peel

What are Chemical Peels Used For?

A chemical peel is a rejuvenating resurfacing solution that is applied to the skin by your medical practitioner and addresses various individual skin concerns. Peels remove dead skins on the outer layers of your skin, clearing away superficial signs of discolouration, damage and fine lines, and promoting new skin growth. There are various options that your practitioner may recommend based on your individual skin. 

What Are Chemical Peels Made Of?

Most chemicals peels are made of naturally occurring, carefully formulated acids and they are classified by their depth of penetration. They will contain specific concentrations of the acid depending on what issue you're looking to address with the treatment. The more challenging the skin issue, the more likely your medical practitioner is to recommend a deeper treatment.

Does Getting A Chemical Peel Hurt?

Lots of people express concern that a chemical peel will be painful. The deeper the chemical peel, the more likely you are to experience some discomfort, stinging or burning during the treatment - but any discomfort is minor and over quickly. Speak to us before your consultation if you're concerned about pain during your treatment, or if you think you have particularly sensitive skin - we will be happy to advise.

What Should You Do After A Chemical Peel?

Healing time for chemical face peels varies depending on the individual and the treatment. Typically, you can expect to experience some redness, stinging and flaking of the skin after your treatment. The skin on your face will flake and peel about two days after your treatment and will continue for roughly a week. Deeper peels will typically take longer to recover from and require greater preparation. Your practitioner will issue you with after-care instructions after your appointment and you may need to take topical products away with you. We recommend not having any other treatments for at least two weeks after a peel (speak to your practitioner to confirm exactly how long).

What Chemical Peels Do You Use?

Private Harley Street Clinic uses EnerPeel® as our key chemical peels treatment. Specially formulated for maximum efficacy with minimum discomfort, the patented carrier ingredient in the product allows for improved absorption of the product and simultaneously reduces redness and flaking by up to 50%.

Patient Having a Deep Chemical Peel Treatment

What Happens at a Chemical Peel Appointment?

The first part of your appointment will be given over to examining your skin, having an in depth conversation about your expectations, and letting you know what to expect during and after your treatment. It's especially important with chemical peel treatments to make sure that each patient is a good candidate and you may be asked to use topical skin preparation beforehand and in clinic. Once you've seen photos and you're clear on aftercare instructions, your practitioner will apply the peel to your skin, allow it to work for 5 minutes, then neutralise the treatment and finish with SPF and Vitamin C.

Can Chemical Peels Be Used on Hands?

Chemical peels are a really useful tool for rejuvenating and resurfacing resurfacing the skin - by removing dead skin cells and clearing away superficial signs of discolouration, damage and fine lines. If you're concerned about uneven texture, pigmentation, light scarring or fine lines, a chemical treatment on your hands may be just the thing to smooth and brighten the appearance of your hands. You can learn more about which treatments are available for signs of aging hands at Private Harley Street Clinic, Marylebone in this blog.


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