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New Report Suggests Aesthetics Industry Bouncing Back After Covid-19

Apr 26, 2022 Private Harley Street Clinic

A new report out this month suggests that the non-surgical aesthetics industry globally is recovering from the period of down-time experienced during the pandemic, when people were not able, or chose not to, have treatments in person due to the risk of catching Covid-19....

Treatments in your 60s

Apr 25, 2022 Private Harley Street Clinic

Although 60s is traditionally the decade we associate with retirement, it's been reported that more women aged 60-64 are in work than not, for first time in UK. For those who have retired, or semi-retired, you might be joining the post-pandemic stampede of travellers in their 50s and 60s heading abroad for longed after adventures...

Your Skin and Menopause

Apr 22, 2022 Private Harley Street Clinic

Learn about the changes you can expect to see in your skin before, during and after menopause in this blog from the skin care experts at Private Harley Street Clinic, Marylebone.

Post-Pandemic Women Embracing a More Natural Look

Apr 21, 2022 Private Harley Street Clinic

A study published this month by Kantar Worldpanel had some interesting insights to share about the beauty habits of people since the start of Covid-19. It's reported that that people washed and cut their hair less often during the pandemic, and also wore less make-up...