Sample Collection Instructions

  1. Ensure hands are clean.
  2. Twist the red top of the vial and pull to reveal swab.
  3. Insert swab into mouth avoiding tongue.
  4. Brush the swab repeatedly at the back of throat over posterior pharynx and tonsillar areas avoiding the tongue.
  5. Then insert the same swab approximately 2cm into one nostril.
  6. Gently rotate inside nostril for 3-5 seconds. Repeat the process for the other nostril using the same swab.
  7. Place tip of swab into the tube and press down firmly to seal.
  8. Record Forename, Surname, Date of Birth and Sample date on provided request form.
  9. Place completed Request Form with swab into the clear sealable bag provided then into the pre-paid envelope and seal.
  10. Arrange for envelope to be posted in any Royal Mail post box.
Get in touch with the team at if you have any questions about your test or results.
Please note: if you purchased your kit before April 6th please get in touch and we'll send you separate instructions, which differ to the above. They are also included in the kit.


Our recommendation is to do both the COVID-19 Antibody and PCR COVID-19 test.