Where Can I Buy a New Day 2 Lateral Flow Test?

22nd October 2021

Please note, This is an Archived blog: there have been updates to Day 2 testing rules since this blog was published, please check this page for more information.

The government has announced significant changes to Covid Travel Testing requirements, both at home and abroad. Private Harley Street Clinic answers some of our customers’ most pressing questions about the upcoming changes...

What are the new rules about travel testing?

The new rules state that, from 24th October, fully vaccinated passengers travelling into England will be able to use a Lateral Flow Test (also called a Rapid Antigen Test) instead of a Day 2 PCR test, unless they’re coming from a Red List Country. Fully vaccinated passengers will also no longer need to take a pre-departure test before travelling to England, from October 4th 2021. These tests are available now from Private Harley Street Clinic. Our three-in-one testing solution MY TRAVEL TEST serves as a New Day 2 Lateral Flow Test.

USA Fit to Fly At Home Lateral Flow Test Video Call

Can I use a Home Testing Kit for 'Fit to Fly' to the USA?

Yes, under certain circumstances. Lateral Flow (Rapid Antigen) Tests for Entry to the USA may be performed at home if they are supervised live by a clinician. You can book an online appointment and a testing kit for £35 + p&p by clicking here.

When Can I Buy a Day 2 Lateral Flow Test?

Private Harley Street Clinic and My Travel Test are now selling Day 2 Lateral Flow Test Kits. In clinic Lateral Flow Test appointments will be available for booking form October 22nd.

New Day 2 Lateral Flow Test

When do the new changes come into force?

The requirement for fully vaccinated travellers to take pre-departure tests before entering England will end from October 4th, with Day 2 PCRs will be replaced with Day 2 Lateral Flow Tests (also called Rapid Antigen Tests) on 24th October. In clinic Day 2 Lateral Flow tests can be booked from October 22nd. The USA re-opens to travellers mwee

What tests do I need if I’m not double vaccinated?

Testing for unvaccinated passengers from non-red countries will continue to include pre-departure tests, 10 Day self-Isolation and Day 2 and Day 8 PCR tests. Day 5 Test to Release remains an option to reduce the self-isolation period.

Can I Book a New Day 2 Lateral Flow Test in a London Clinic?

Yes, you can book a new Day 2 Lateral Flow Test in Clinic in London with Private Harley Street Clinic from 22nd October, at our Marylebone Testing Centre.

What about testing for children?

The UK Government requirements for children and young people can be checked on the government website here.

What if I was vaccinated abroad?

If you were vaccinated outside of the UK or as part of a trial, you should double check the rules on the Government website here. What you need to show as proof depends on your vaccination programme.

What is happening to the Traffic Light System?

The traffic light system was replaced with a two-tier system, effectively a ‘Go’ and ‘Do Not Go (Red)’ categorisation, on October 4th at 4am. There are are currently only 8 Red List countries Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.

Why do I still need a PCR test to travel abroad if I’m fully vaccinated?

The new changes only affect people travelling into England; entry requirements into overseas destinations are set by the appropriate government bodies within that country, and therefore may still include a PCR Test before travelling. You can check which countries require what sorts of tests on the Government Foreign Travel Advice Website.

Can I do this remotely?

Private Harley Street Clinic currently offers a Rapid Antigen Test (Lateral Flow Tests) called MY TRAVEL TEST which can be conducted at home and verified remotely - this product is approved as a Day 2 Lateral Flow Test for fully vaccinated travellers.

What if I think I may be infected?

If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, the NHS advises taking a free PCR test at one of their testing centres. If at any point you take a Lateral Flow test and it comes back positive, you should immediately seek out one of these tests in order to confirm your infection status and take the appropriate self-isolation precautions. Free NHS Lateral Flow tests remain available for normal at-home infection testing but still cannot be used for travel testing.