Your Skin and Menopause

What is the Difference Between Perimenopause and Menopause?

Perimenopause is the term used to encompass all the years leading up to menopause when women experience symptoms of hormonal changes - but before menstruation stops. Menopause, by contrast, is considered to have occurred when a woman hasn't has a period for 12 months in a row. In the UK, the age of natural menopause is usually around 51 - though some medical treatments and conditions can bring on menopause much sooner. After menopause, you are considered postmenopausal. 

When Will Perimenopausal Skin Changes Start?

In the case of natural menopause, the perimenopause can last from four to eight years on average, so you could start noticing hormone related changes earlier than you expected, potentially as early as your thirties.

Skincare Changes in Menopause

What Effect Does Perimenopause Have on Skin?

As menopause approaches, oestrogen levels in your body rise and fall unevenly - bringing some significant changes to your skin. You might notice redness, acne flareups, rosacea and dry or oily patches. 


What is Different About Skin After Menopause?

As your oestrogen levels drop, so does the collagen in your skin - studies have shown that women lose up to 30% of collagen in the first five years of menopause. Collagen levels in your skin naturally start to decline after the age of 20 anyway, so the drop off of collagen around menopause causes the changes we notice in our 30s and 40s to become more noticeable, such as decreased fat and bone volume, sagging and drying skin, and slower skin healing.

What Can I Do To Protect My Skin During Menopause?

Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Helen Chapman, had this to say: "Before and during menopause, I think the key is to treat your skin kindly, as it will be thinner, drier and heal less quickly. Steer away from more abrasive treatments, and speak to your practitioner about how to achieve your desired look gently. If you're looking for smoother, more even skin, Tixel®, for example, is an advanced yet gentle technology treatment which can simultaneously tighten skin, boost collagen, minimize scarring and sun damage, and deliver deep topical product penetration. With 10 intensity settings, it's customisable to each patient's individual skin maturity. For hydration, Profhilo is the perfect option to completement anti-aging technology treatments for 50+ patients - delivering a deep hydrating effect from under the skin and restoring plumpness and radiance. The best way to manage the range of skin changes you can expect to experience in menopause, is to book a skin care consultation. Working closely with you, your Medical Practitioner will develop a personalised treatment plan, featuring the best options for you from our range of technology, injectable, topical and surfacing treatments, to help you to maintain and enjoy your natural look for longer."



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