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Non-Surgical Cosmesis

Collagen is a naturally occurring substance that provides the fabric and structure in our bodies. As we age, we experience a degradation in the bone structure and other collagen which support the tissue of the face, contributing to the creation of the hollows, depressions and wrinkles commonly seen in the faces, necks and hands of older people. 

Dermal fillers are collagen replacement injections. We use a variety of hyaluronic acid products, including Profhilo, Voluma, Volbella and Volift, all of which, in differing ways, fill the space left by the depleted collagen and help lift the skin.  Botox works in a different way, by relaxing facial muscles that have tightened and created wrinkles.

Our skill and experience mean we can create a bespoke procedure using a variety of these products to augment the underlying tissue, to stimulate collagen regeneration, reduce wrinkles and to re-establish a firmer and more youthful appearance.

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