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It is widely known that being at work is good for people’s health and wellbeing, but it’s increasingly being recognised that a healthy workforce is beneficial to employers too. Not only is it important to have a positive, safe and healthy environment for employees to increase morale, improve your employees’ work-life balance and, in turn, positively impact your business. It is also obvious that healthier employees are absent less often, meaning higher productivity.

It is not just at the employee level where a healthy workforce is important, it is also vital that Senior Executives and Directors remain healthy.

Your key personnel carry enormous responsibility and it is not surprising that, on occasions, some individuals struggle with the weight of that responsibility. The health of key staff is therefore a vital issue for any company. Even the most cursory consideration of the cost of sudden debilitating illness of senior staff, indicates that the cost of preventative medicine will rarely be uneconomic.

Early, accurate diagnosis and immediate specialist treatment would be the ideal of doctors and patients, anywhere in the world. At the Private Harley Street Clinic, it is a reality.

Membership of our Corporate Health Program gives your Company the reassurance of knowing that you will receive immediate, specialist advice and treatment.  Features include:

  • Rapid access to our private E-consultation service, meaning that you can speak to one of our specialist practitioners within minutes.
  • Health screening using state of the art medical imaging and technology
  • Patented tele-medicine diagnostic equipment which will provide remote, real-time data to assist with an accurate diagnosis. This enables our specialist team to access essential physiological data during the e-consultation such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, ECG and arterial pulsatility;
  • "Golden Hour" protection. Every medical practitioner knows that having the best practitioners provide the optimum treatment in the first hour after a medical incident can transform a patient’s outcome;  
  • Access to our unrivalled list of acclaimed medical experts when you need the best specialist opinion.
  • Assistance with day to day GP requests such as repeat prescriptions, vaccinations etc.
  • Corporate in-house GP facility
  • Stress in the workplace - we have assembled a comprehensive team of skilled multidisciplinary practitioners to address this increasingly important aspect of corporate health.

With our Corporate Health Program, you know that, should something happen, there will be no delays and no waiting. 

Immediate care from the best people is what we would all want for our employees.

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