Private Harley Street Clinic DNA test for advanced diagnostics

One test, all the answers!

Discover everything there is about your DNA, identify and understand your risks for all diseases, generate the roadmap of what lies ahead for you and your children's health. Know yourself inside out!

The most comprehensive whole-genome DNA test in the world providing answers for your lifetime!

The Private Harley Street Clinic is moving advanced genomics into clinical care, further making personalised medicine a standard within the private healthcare system.

  • We leave no stone unturned, analysing all of 22,000 human genes, focusing specifically on the clinical value 
  • We cover 100% of your genomic regions allowing us to provide you with definitive answers for potential risks, no speculations or uncertainty 
  • Armed with this information, we can predict and pre-empt diseases 
  • Clear and concise reports
  • We analyse over 84.7 million SNP’s (variants and mutations which we run against bioinformatics data updated every two weeks) more than 20,000 options per single report where other laboratories analyse a dozen for each report
  • We are fully GDPR compliant, your DNA samples are safe with us
  • Our accredited laboratory uses the most advanced sequencing technology NovaSeq6000 allowing us to analyse your ENTIRE DNA- instead of offering you limited DNA tests that you find in most laboratories and hospitals
  • More than 1000 "tumour suppressor genes" have been discovered, these are genes that strongly relate to your risk of cancer. Private Harley Street Clinic analyses all of your TSGs, whereas other companies only check a few, we test 1000+ genes for cancer risks
  •  Professional support you can trust all the way. We offer you actionable results and appropriate clinical support and follow up on your DNA health journey, with our Medical Director overseeing the process and The Clinic staffed with advanced clinicians on hand, including our consultant clinical geneticist, Dr James Mackay, senior lecturer in Molecular Biology at University College Hospital
  • Private Harley Street Clinic analyses 100% of your DNA so that we can give you reports on predispositions on any genetic disease, you will receive these as well as raw data to explore

Prevention is better than cure!