10 Harley Street waiting area

The Private Harley Street Clinic was established by Mr Ali in 2009 with the philosophy that it would  combine rigorous clinical excellence with the most innovative technology to deliver safe, dependable treatment.

10 Harley Street, reception area

The flagship services are the Liferisk Assessment, which is the most advanced evaluation of the major threats to health and well-being available anywhere in the world, and our Platinum Service which offers our patients immediate, 24/7 electronic access to our acclaimed list of specialist practitioners. However, the clinic offers an expanding range of life-enhancing treatments and collaborates with other acclaimed experts in the developing fields of stem cell therapy, rejuvenation and elite sports performance.

10 Harley Street, private consulting rooms

Mr Ali continues to be the clinic's Responsible Officer and is insistent that all staff, including himself, undergo continuing training and education in order that all who work with our patients stay abreast of current trends and innovative techniques in what is a rapidly developing field.