Our recently launched Platinum Elite LifeRisk Assessment is the ultimate health assessment, designed specifically to give you an extremely thorough evaluation of your current health and potential future risk factors incorporating The Private Harley Street Clinic DNA analysis. Platinum Elite LifeRisk Assessment takes approximately 6 hours and includes focused MRI scans, extensive CT scans, groundbreaking DNA testing technology, cardiac examinations, spirometry, over 70 different blood tests, hearing and glaucoma testing, bespoke Intravenous Therapy treatment to replenish your essential minerals as well as one to one consultation with The Private Harley Street Clinic specialist doctor and exclusive one to one appointment with our Nutritionist to design optimal follow up plan based on your tests results. You will also benefit with Private Harley Street Clinic chauffeur who will pick you up and drop you off at your designated London location! Below you will see your journey with us on the day:

Ø  DNA Analysis  

The Private Harley Street Clinic takes advantage of the groundbreaking new advances in DNA analysis technology to analyse 100% of your DNA, looking at all 22,000 human genes. This new technology results in a comprehensive DNA test for our clients with actionable personalised reports enabling us to create the roadmap of your health.

Ø   1-2-1 Consultation with Private Harley Street specialist physician 

 Lasting up to 60min where you will have the opportunity to discuss your current health, medical as well as family history and raise any concerns you may have.

Ø   Detailed Physical Examination with Private Harley Street specialist physician

Ø   Vital Observations

We will measure your weight, height, blood pressure, resting heart rate and BMI.

Ø   Body Composition Analysis

We will measure your body fat including visceral fat as well as water balance.

Ø   Most comprehensive blood test with 75 parameters 

We will perform most extensive blood analysis. Over 70 different test will be measured on a blood sample which include full cholesterol profile, liver tests, kidney tests, thyroid function test, full blood count and diabetes

Ø   Hearing Test

Ø   Tonometry (Glaucoma/eye test)

Ø   ECG test

Ø   VO2max test

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing, also widely known as VO2max, is a measure of aerobic, cardiac fitness and endurance capacity. At The Private Harley Street Clinic, VO2max can be measured on either a treadmill or a stationary bike where clients will start with a gentle walk or pedal. A mask is placed over the face so that the rate of air (the volume), can be measured.

Ø  Spirometry test (lung function test)

Ø  CT abdomen, pelvis and virtual CT colonoscopy 

Including scans of liver, pancreas, bladder, uterus, prostate and GI tract.

Ø  CT thorax and coronary angiogram 

Including 3D reconstruction of your coronary arteries to assess coronary heart disease, the heart, heart valves and lungs

Ø  MRI scan of brain, cerebral and carotid angiogram

Includes scan of the brain and assessment of any arterial disease that could lead to stroke or dementia 

Ø  Bespoke Intravenous Infusion treatment delivering essential vitamins and minerals identified via specialist blood results included in the treatment 

Your body requires certain levels of vitamins and minerals to enable it to function effectively.  Some of these we acquire through the foods we consume, but dietary deficiencies and wastage during the digestive process, can leave your body with depleted levels of those vital nutrients. 

With careful analysis, we can identify those vitamins and minerals in which you have a deficiency and deliver them intravenously, to efficiently restore your energy and vitality.

Ø  Tailored one to one Nutritionist consultation 

Our nutritionist will provide a detailed consultation with you, using the information gained from your DNA Analysis and the other tests in your Liferisk Assessment. Together, you will formulate an optimal diet plan moving forward to a healthier future. For example, your DNA analysis may uncover an inability to metabolise certain food types which can then be avoided.

Ø  Follow Up consultation with Private Harley Street Clinic specialist doctor 

Ø  Private Harley Street Clinic chauffeur service available for pick up and drop off from your designated location in London 

Ø  Specialist written report delivered within 24 hours

Ø  Specialist follow up consultation

We offer further investigation and appropriate course of treatments in the event of any abnormal results. Our panel of doctors will be able to arrange further tests or consultations with the appropriate specialist should you wish to do so.