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"So long as you have your health!"  We have all heard it said but at the Private Harley Street Clinic, we can offer you the opportunity to change your future for the better.

Half of all heart attacks occur in people with no previous diagnosis of heart disease and around a third of those will not survive their first heart attack. Survival rates for lung cancer soar to about 70% with early diagnosis. Bowel cancer is the second biggest killer in the developed world but, if detected early, the survival rate is now over 95%. Strokes, which can be prevented with timely intervention, leave 30% of patients with a permanent disability.

Yet, its human instinct to think that we are invincible and that these things happen to other people.

At the Private Clinic Harley Street, we believe that none of us are invincible or immortal. Instead, we know that it is now possible, using advanced DNA Analysis at Harley street DNA testing and state of the art Medical Imaging, to create a roadmap of your future health.

The cornerstone of our assessment is the DNA Analysis which sets out your individual health roadmap, then we build on this by adding focussed investigations to place us in a position to literally change your future with medical treatment at Harley street medical center, should that be necessary.

This highly-efficient examination takes about 4 hours and your test results will be explained to you by one of our panel of leading experts at Harley street medical center. 

We cannot protect ourselves against everything that life throws at us but a Private Harley Street Clinic (PHSC) Life Risk assessment can help to put your mind at rest.

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