Groundbreaking DNA Analysis tests

Groundbreaking advances in research and technology DNA analysis now allows patients to access their genetic predisposition to disease. This information was hitherto inaccessible and it now allows a patient to engage in their health and their future.
Artificial intelligence and DNA sequencing technology are the two major advances that now allows ready access to these advances...and this has huge implications for prevention of disease, rather than responding when it's often too late.
By 2025, 25% of the world’s population will use their DNA to make educated decisions about their health.
Scientific research on the meaning and clinical impact of DNA mutations is exploding at an exponential rate. Meanwhile, the technology of DNA sequencing has also progressed rapidly, meaning that we are now able to analyse all 22,000 human genes using a technology called whole-exome sequencing. This is significantly more powerful than other tests like 23andMe that only look at DNA in a few places.
This detailed information is then matched with the latest scientific data to produce a comprehensive report, examining all 1,000 cancer genes and every other known pathogenic mutation, compared to typical DNA tests which just look at 30-70 cancer genes.
Typically, each study reveals about 5 pathogenic mutations meaning that approximately 50% of patients receive a life-changing discovery by identifying your risk for 1000’s of diseases including heart disease, cancer and stroke.
1977 - First DNA sequencing technique is identified.
2001 - Human Genome Project completes. The first human genome is mapped at a cost of $3 billion.
2007 - DNA Sequencing technology costs drop permitting patient access.
2019 - Using the state of the art new NovaSeq 6000 DNA sequencer, the Private Harley Street Clinic brings DNA Analysis of all 22,000 genes to patients at an affordable price, for the first time ever, with rapid turn around time.
  • Prevent and mitigate health risks
  • Learn which medication and what dose is best for you.
  • Optimise your diet and exercise
  • Engage in your health and your future, day to day and long term.
The Private Harley Street Clinic is the only clinic to offer this service, please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our specialist consultant physicians.
Until the end of November, we are offering this test at the heavily discounted price of £1300 compared to at least double that for comparative tests.

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