Why non-surgical facial cosmesis rather than a surgical facelift?

Mr Mark Ali, CEO and Medical Director, Private Harley Street Clinic

People sometimes ask me...

'Why, despite being a surgeon, do I choose a non-surgical approach over surgery?'

The answer is ...I regard facial cosmesis as a sculpting process. I see it as a project that develops over a period of time which allows for a more considered and patient approach and fits in with one's budget and time constraints. Working in this way, the client can literally see with their own eyes how even little injections can make dramatic differences. And of course, all changes can immediately be reversed just as in a sculpture.

A surgical facelift is expensive, may not produce the desired outcome and is irreversible.

My view about an experienced surgeon doing non-surgical cosmesis is that it's always to the client's advantage to choose the best hands to do the work. As an experienced surgeon, I am an expert in the anatomy of the face.

There are two aspects to this expertise, the first is that, as a surgeon, I am very familiar with the multiple planes that exist in the face. Therefore, I have a precise understanding about how to get the best outcome for my clients. The second aspect is that there are potential pitfalls as in any procedure, hence the unfortunate examples of botched procedures that are evident in a number of well publicised celebrities. Being an expert is as much about being aware of these pitfalls and how to avoid them as having a good eye and hand skills to create a good result.

In conclusion, choose your practitioner carefully as it will have a significant bearing on the quality of the work that you receive.

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