Corporate Health Programme


Until the robots take over, your workforce will remain resolutely human.

Even those who eat healthily, drink moderately, exercise regularly and avoid stress, are not guaranteed a long and healthy life because everyone’s health is influenced by their genetic heritage.

 In any five year period, for every thousand people you employ:

    • 15 will suffer a cardiac event;
    • 10 will develop cancer; and
    • 5 will have neurological event, such as a stroke.

These are the biggest threats to your workforce, yet conventional screening methods fail to make a meaningful impact on these figures. For example, the predictive value of an exercise stress test for heart disease is very low.

 We deploy the most innovative, high resolution imaging and molecular biology to detect and treat disease before it becomes symptomatic and re-shape the future health of your organisation.

If you would like to find out more information and how can we help your organisation, please read through or Corporate Private Harley Street Clinic brochure attached below:


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