Please Note: information is correct at time of writing and we endeavour to update this page as changes are announced but we strongly advise you to check the information about your specific destination on the Gov.uk Official Foreign Travel Advice Page before booking tests and travel arrangements.

Last updated 11.02 7th June 2021

Which pre and post travel tests do I need for Green, Amber and Red Routes (England only)?

  • Green routes require most travellers to take a PCR Test both before they leave, a test before they fly home and a Day 2 PCR Test after arriving back in England. Travellers will only be required to quarantine if their Day 2 test shows a positive result. 

  • The next revision to the Green list is expected on Thursday June 3rd, coming into effect from Monday 7th.
  • Current Green Destinations include: Portugal, Israel and Gibraltar. GREEN LIST NEWS -  Portugal is moving to England's Amber list from Tuesday 8th June at 04.00. Check the full Green List on the Government website.

  • Most travel routes are currently categorised as Amber. For Amber routes, most travellers will need to take a PCR Test before they depart, then when they come back, they will be required to go into a 10 day quarantine at home and take PCR tests on Day 2 and Day 8.

  • There is also the possibility of choosing to take an additional test on Day 5 of your quarantine, which is being called a 'Test to Release', and if that comes back as negative, you’ll then be able to cut your quarantine short, You will still need to take and return your Day 8 Test.

  • Amber status countries currently include the USA, Germany, Greece, France, Spain and China. Remember - being on UKs Amber List does not necessarily mean that country is currently accepting UK citizens. You can check the full list on the Government website here.

  • Travel destinations where the data indicate either a very high level of current COVID-19 cases or a variant of concern that the Government is keen avoid are categorised as Red, and the government advised 'extra caution' against visiting them. These destinations require a pre-departure PCR Test and require a strict hotel quarantine for 10 days when you arrive home. You will also need to perform the Day 2 and Day 8 PCR tests before ending your quarantine, with no option to 'Test and Release' early on Day 5. Destinations currently designated Red include: India, South Africa, Brazil, the UAE, Turkey, the Maldives and Nepal. Remember - just because the UK is allowing people to travel to a country, that does not necessarily mean that that country is currently accepting UK citizens. You can check the full list of Red destinations on the Government Website. RED LIST NEWS: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Trinidad & Tobago are all expected to join the red list from Tuesday 8th June.

  • For all of these routes...

    ...you may also require tests when you land in your holiday destination and before you leave to come home – you can check these requirement for each individual country on the Government Foreign travel advice website.

Border News

  • Spain lifted all restrictions for UK travellers on 24 May, though France has tightened restrictions on British visitors owing to fears over the spread of the Delta variant first detected in India. Entry to France is limited to EU nationals, French residents and those travelling for essential purposes.
  • For a handful of travel destinations, a negative result from a Lateral Flow test is acceptable for entry into a country, providing all other conditions are met. Please follow this link to find out more.

    (Please note: while we endeavour to provide the most up to date travel advice, the rules can change extremely quickly, so please check carefully with your airline/carrier, or on the Gov.uk Foreign Travel Advice Website for the exact requirements for your destination before booking. Most travel destinations still require a negative RT-PCR Test).

  • The UK government has confirmed it is monitoring a suspected Covid variant detected in Vietnam
  • Heathrow Airport reopened Terminal 3 on June 1st - British Airways flights from India will now arrive at the terminal, as it has been designated to handle red list arrivals.
  • From 17 May, people in England who are fully vaccinated will be able to demonstrate their vaccination status for outbound international travel. Other countries or territories determine their own border health rules, which may include COVID-19 vaccination status. Check the entry requirements for your destination before travelling.
  • When you arrive in England, you need to follow the rules for the highest risk country or territory that you have been in or passed through in the previous 10 days. That can include transit stops.

What do we know so far about Vaccine Passports?

  • Many countries are in the process of developing their own vaccine passport systems for travel and events. In Denmark, for example,  a digital app on your phone, which shows whether you have had a negative test result within the last 72 hours, a certificate of vaccination or proof of a previous infection two to 12 weeks earlier is currently being accepted as proof that someone is safe to enter a public venue or large event.
  • Canada looks set to back coronavirus ‘vaccine passports’ to allow residents to travel internationally, according to the country’s health minister.
  • In parts of the US, it is reported that similar schemes are being attempted  at state level, although a number of states are against the idea of vaccine passports, citing concerns about privacy and personal freedom.
  • The EU is in the process of testing the technical capabilities of its passport scheme.

    Coronavirus Roadmap

    • Some media sources are questioning whether the next step of Coronavirus restriction easing will continue as planned on 21st June, as concerns grow surrounding the spread of the so-called 'Indian Variant'.
    • Some studies suggest that the Indian coronavirus variant may spread more easily than previous variants but EU regulators remain ‘confident’ that vaccines work against the variant.

    Please Note:

    Information is correct at time of writing and we endeavour to update this page as changes are announced. We strongly advise you to check the information about your specific destination on the Gov.uk Official Foreign Travel Advice Page before booking tests and travel arrangements.


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